Monday, August 9, 2010

Some thoughts

My sister is doing something interesting on her blog where she is representing each of us with a color. As I was reading about the family in that way I realized how great of a family I come from. I remember when I was little I thought my family was so funny that we should have had a tv show. Now I see that there is more to us than just our Miller Sense of Humor. We are all so different from each other though. I mean, we do have a lot of things in common, but there is something so special about each one of us.
We each have different gifts and personalities. Now that we are all grown with our own families I can see what kind of people we really are. I was surprised with the things that my sister Emma said about me. I didn't know that she viewed me as such a positive person. It's always interesting to see how others view you. It made me take a closer look at how I view myself. So I figured I would take some time to some up the each member of my family in a few words. Maybe some of them will surprise them, and maybe not.
Dad- Brave, Smart, Righteous, and the owner of the best grin ever
Mom- Strong, Determined, Charitable, and Full of Life
Naomi- Cool, Brilliant, Talented, and a Great Example
Emma- Honest, FULL of Love, Clever, and the Best Story Teller of all Time
Rachel- Dependable, the Greatest Friend, Non-judgmental, and can come up with the best ideas just like that
Samuel- Kindest, Loyal, Uber-Friendly, and he'll give you anything and act like it's no big deal
EJ- Always brings a smile to my face, Sweet, Never gives up, and he's the coolest dancer ever
Ruth- Great Listener, Competitive in the most fun way possible, Confident, and Full of Information
I appreciate all of them for who they are. I couldn't imagine not having them just a click away. I still think we'd make a good tv show though. It might just be footage of us sitting by our computer screens laughing and crying as we read what the others have written. I would actually love to see some of my sisters sitting there laughing to themselves as they type some genius thing down and they crack themselves up. Then they get a comment laugh again, then madly type a witty reply.
What a blessing it is that we all like to write and we are computer savvy enough to keep in contact the way we do. I get updates all day long on my cell phone. It cracks me up some of the things I read. Sometimes I might be having a trying day and then I get a message of some song lyrics that we all love. I smile and feel better. I really love my family and I'm honored to be a part of it. I just want everyone to know it.