Tuesday, September 20, 2011

My Rugs

I just picked up some rugs that I ordered during the reunion. When Aunt Lorene and I were in the basement trying to pick out colors we talked about how neither one of us was good at decorating or matching things. I told her Uncle Leo could change what I had picked out to whatever would look good. She told me Saturday night that they were not the ones I had picked out and I didn't have to buy them if I didn't want to. She must be crazy. First of all they were beautiful. Secondly, Uncle Leo made it. That makes it priceless. Thirdly, he actually went above and beyond for me on this project. I wanted one large rug which is not possible on his loom so he had to make two identical rugs. She explained to me how he did it to make sure it was perfect. I felt so honored that he took all that time.

I was also able to go over to Susie's to buy a bathroom set that I had been eyeing when Emma and I stopped over there. When I came home I felt like I just won the lottery. I will only use my rugs when special company comes over but I will imagine they are in their proper places all the time.