Monday, May 16, 2011

Our Weekend

Saturday morning we slept in. We hardly ever sleep in so this was a real treat. I had the kids get dressed and ready to go and we cleaned up the house a little before we left. We were on our way to Fort Wayne. We went to a new farmers market first. We bought some cinnamon rolls and an apple pie from a sweet amish woman who was a real good sales woman. She kept trying to get me to buy more. When we were leaving I almost drove off with the food on top of the car. She came and warned me before I took off. Sweet right?
Then we went to the fort. They had people from many different time periods there. There were mostly pioneers and soldiers, but they also had roman soldiers Ben Franklin, Mary Queen of Scots, some native americans, and some jesters. They shot the cannons, had an archery show, and they had a trial but we missed it.
We visited with a man who had a ton of toys. He let the kids play with them and he explained each toy. He was so cool and the boys were surprised they could actually touch and play with the stuff. We ate our cinnamon rolls because we didn't eat breakfast and we also bought some stuff from a little shop at the fort. Then we went on a tour of the actual fort.
The lady was a great tour guide and the boys loved answering her questions. I had a lot of questions and she humored me. It was so interesting. We learned a lot but it was so fun too that the boys were never bored. One of the last places we stopped at was the doctor. He had so many tools and gadgets. The room was completely silent as he talked. I think seeing the saw and the scissors on the table made my boys clam up. He had some things that I had never seen before and he knew so much about it all. He was our favorite part of the fort.
By the end of that it was 1 pm and we had planned on meeting Mysti, so we went to look for her and she came right to us. We introduced all the kids to each other. Dougan and Nick immediately linked arms and Koen, Eades and Caleb made a group and were instant friends. We walked around a little and then it started to rain. We took cover and decided when there was a break in the rain we'd run to our cars and meet at the library.
We did as planned and went to the awesome Allen County Library. The kids section there is so cool. The kids had a wonderful time and then we went upstairs to see the geneology section. Mysti said that it is the 2nd largest next to SLC. It was a very big section and a lot of people were there. I will have to go back there without kids some day. Mysti's husband Adam works there and he knows a lot about geneology. He loves it and Mysti said he could help me anytime I need it. I am so excited about that.
The boys thought Mysti was great. They kept asking about how we were related. They figured she had to be my sister because she was a lot of fun like Aunt Rachel. I found it interesting too because she did remind me a lot of Rachel throughout the day. She just really seemed to enjoy herself and having all the kids around. So we know we're going to get together again soon. We only live 20 min. away from each other. I found out Fred moved to Fort Wayne too not long ago. I don't have any plans to meet with him though.
Okay, so then we came back to Huntington and went to the store. Dougan and Brandis still had gift cards left over from their birthdays so they each got to pick out some more gifts. Then we got some groceries and finally made it home. It was a long day. We cooked some dinner and then watched the storm brewing outside. Later that evening Tony took the older two out to see some flooding, then to Wendy's for some frosties. They said it was really neat to see how much water there was.
The next day we got to take it easy in the morning because it was stake conference. We had and extra half hour to get ready, so I prepared a roast and veggies and put it in the oven. We got new counselors in many different stake presidencies and then got to hear some great talks. When we came home we had a wonderful lunch. Then we watched some Anne of Green Gables and went to bed. That's my kind of Sunday.