Saturday, January 5, 2013

The Balloon

Taygan loves balloons. We were going to get her a whole bunch at her birthday but no stores around here had helium still. Now the helium shortage is over so Tony bought her one a couple days ago. Just Tony and Taygan went into the store while the rest of us stayed in the van. Taygan comes out holding a huge Minnie Mouse balloon. I think Tony said it cost him $10. Whoa! While we were on our way home the string came loose. The boys were really worried because we do not have luck with helium balloons. I said that everybody needed to stay in the van when we got home and I would make sure the balloon made it into the house. After we park I get out and get the balloon. I open the sliding glass door to step in and the balloon tears away from the tag and floats away. I say, "NO, NO, NO, NO, NO!!!!! Tony is like, "What happened?" I tell him and this is when he tells me how much it cost. Taygan still isn't out of the van yet. She gets out and I'm already crying. She asks Tony where her balloon is and he tells her to ask me. She sees me crying and she starts crying and I have to tell her I lost it. We go sit on the couch and I start getting her ready for bed while I'm telling her how sorry I am. All the boys are sitting on the couch silent not knowing what to do to help. I take off her shoes and then I take off her tights. He underwear gets caught with the tights and ends up around her knees. Taygan says, "What?" We all start laughing with tears still in our eyes. The ice was broken and the boys begin to bring out toys and treats to make her feel better. It was a fine moment for the Bullocks. We went from tragedy to laughter within five minutes.