Thursday, December 15, 2011

Bullock 2011

I have not gotten Christmas cards out yet this year and in all reality I'm not going to. I just cannot muster up the time or umph to do it. So here is my Bullock Christmas newsletter for 2011.

The biggest news for our family is our daughter Gillian Rose. She was born in October and looks just like the rest of our clan. She's a good baby who doesn't cry too much. She seems to have a favorite in Brandis mostly I believe because he is the quietest of the family. The others adore her and want to entertain her constantly. She has a great smile that melts all our hearts.

Our other little girl Taygan is growing up well. She loves anything girly. Because she is two she likes to get into everything. Most of my day is following after her putting things away. She has turned into a huge Daddy's girl and loves to climb on him like a jungle gym. Even though she is very girly she also likes to wrestle the boys. They don't fight back so she can really take them down. She likes to dance and sing the songs she learns in nursery.

Brandis is four and he is our happy boy. He's very quiet but when he does say something you know he put a lot of thought into it. He says I love you 20 times a day and is just about the cutest boy I've ever seen. I'm really glad I didn't put him into preschool this year because I know I would miss my little buddy too much. He also likes to sing and dance.

Dougan is six and he is our reader. He reads constantly and is blasting reading levels left and right. He is also our most social. Dougan has never met a stranger, everyone is his friend. This includes girls and adults. At church people come up to me every week to tell me the funny thing Dougan said to them. I am so interested to see what he'll be when he grows up. He entertains us all with his made up songs and stories.

Eades is eight and he was baptized this year. He took it very seriously and he still does. Eades is our more thoughtful child. Lessons he learns in church and school have a great impact on him. He remembers things well and I am amazed at his ability to recall facts and stories that I know would have gone in one ear and out the other when I was that age. I call Eades my little hero because he fights injustice when he sees it. His teachers have told me that he encourages others to choose the right when they are doing something wrong.

Koen is nine and enjoys being the oldest and first to do everything. He is my right hand man. He helps me out with cooking, cleaning, laundry, gathering children and getting them ready, and he's my gopher. I appreciate him very much. He definitely makes my life easier. He also likes to read and do sports. He has a lot of talents which he's usually too shy to share with others.

I spent my year doing regular mommy stuff. This summer the kids and I enjoyed participating in the summer reading program. We also spent a week at the fair. We went everyday but Sunday. Our highlight was the reunion. It was great to see my parents, some of my siblings, and my nieces and nephews. Hopefully next time all of us can be together. I also went to girls camp this summer. I love girls camp and had a great time. My kids also had a great time with their babysitter. I was pregnant most of the year but this one was pretty easy. A sister from the ward took care of the children while I was in the hospital and even after I came home for a couple weeks. She has become such a dear friend to our family.

Tony is still working for Atlas Oil. He enjoys it and he's good at what he does. He was called into the elder's quorum presidency this year. He really likes planning activities and doing guy stuff with his friends. He's a really good dad and is the much cooler parent of our family. He likes taking the kids to movies when I need a nap, which is really brave because even I wouldn't take five kids to the movies by myself.

We've had a happy year. We're glad we moved to Huntington where we have met so many great people and the town is just awesome. We're also not too far away from all of our friends and family in Niles who we got to visit this summer. We're hoping 2012 is just as good to us. We give are love to all of you. Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year. Love, The Bullocks

Tuesday, September 20, 2011

My Rugs

I just picked up some rugs that I ordered during the reunion. When Aunt Lorene and I were in the basement trying to pick out colors we talked about how neither one of us was good at decorating or matching things. I told her Uncle Leo could change what I had picked out to whatever would look good. She told me Saturday night that they were not the ones I had picked out and I didn't have to buy them if I didn't want to. She must be crazy. First of all they were beautiful. Secondly, Uncle Leo made it. That makes it priceless. Thirdly, he actually went above and beyond for me on this project. I wanted one large rug which is not possible on his loom so he had to make two identical rugs. She explained to me how he did it to make sure it was perfect. I felt so honored that he took all that time.

I was also able to go over to Susie's to buy a bathroom set that I had been eyeing when Emma and I stopped over there. When I came home I felt like I just won the lottery. I will only use my rugs when special company comes over but I will imagine they are in their proper places all the time.

Wednesday, July 27, 2011


Our family went to a TinCaps game with the scouts and the achievement girls. It was really fun, but I think everytime I go to a game they lose. I should probably stop going but it's so much fun.
Here's Taygan being excited for our team.

Here are my boys chilling out on the hill.

Tony's talking with one of his best friends there. I don't think they cared much about the game. Actually I think I was the only person in our family cheering.

Like I said. The team lost but they still had really cool fireworks afterward and because they are named after Johnny Appleseed they had an array of apple desserts. They also had a few guys called the Bad Apple Dancers who cleaned around the bases and also danced some groovy disco moves. They were so fun. We can't wait to go again this summer.

Splash Park

Here are some pics of my kids at the splash park. They all had a lot of fun. We've been having some hot hot weather here lately and just looking at these pictures makes me feel a little cooler.

Memorial Day

Our ward had a real nice Memorial Day picnic. They even had a kiddie parade. Here's Brandis working his way around the corner.

Here comes Koen.

Eades with a nice flag strapped to his bike.

Koen with a flag in his face.

Brandis still chuggin' away.

Dougan didn't want to be in the parade so another little girl used his scooter so she could be in it. The kids had a good time decorating them red white and blue and us adults loved cheering them on as they went round and round the little circle.

Marshmallow Fluff

Here's a couple pictures of when Taygan got into some marshmallow cream.

She acted like she didn't know how it happened.

Friday, July 22, 2011


Two nights ago Tony and I were talking about the awesome trek that the youth from our ward were on. Suddenly we hear shrieks and screaming coming from one the other room. I figured one of the kids must have changed the channel or something and Tony asked me if that was our kids, not believing they could be making such a ruckus. We decided to check it out. There was a huge black beetle in their room. Most of the kids were terrified. Tony picked the beetle up and told all the kids they were going to touch it. Of course the older two were interested as was Taygan. Brandis reluctantly pet the beetle and Dougan wouldn't go near it. Tony put it outside and I thought that was the end.
Today the boys found the same beetle on our front porch. They decided he needed to be our pet. They brought him inside and tried to feed it. I told them he had to go out. I watched out my window as they tried to get it to eat ham, carrots, broccoli, and a cherry. I told them they needed to come inside because a storm was coming. They were concerned for their pet beetle. I said, "Let's look him up online". We googled him and I found that he is a dung beetle. I told the boys he doesn't eat any of that stuff they tried to feed him. They didn't know what dung was so I told them it was poop. They had a good laugh about it. I teased them for having held it. They no longer want it as a pet.

Friday, June 3, 2011

Blue or Pink?

I had my ultrasound this morning. It was a really interesting appointment. While the tech was checking out baby we were talking a lot. She found out I grew up in Middlebury so we mostly talked about the Amish. I think she may have purposely taken longer than usual to ask a bunch of questions. I also got to see the baby in 3D image. That was a first for me. It was really interesting to see a baby like this. She said it would look a lot cooler in the third trimester but I still thought it was pretty neat. She told me right away what I would be having. She says it's a little girl. I was really excited because I wanted Taygan to grow up with a sister. I have four sisters and those are relationships like nothing else. Plus I have all the girl clothes close at hand already.

Monday, May 16, 2011

Our Weekend

Saturday morning we slept in. We hardly ever sleep in so this was a real treat. I had the kids get dressed and ready to go and we cleaned up the house a little before we left. We were on our way to Fort Wayne. We went to a new farmers market first. We bought some cinnamon rolls and an apple pie from a sweet amish woman who was a real good sales woman. She kept trying to get me to buy more. When we were leaving I almost drove off with the food on top of the car. She came and warned me before I took off. Sweet right?
Then we went to the fort. They had people from many different time periods there. There were mostly pioneers and soldiers, but they also had roman soldiers Ben Franklin, Mary Queen of Scots, some native americans, and some jesters. They shot the cannons, had an archery show, and they had a trial but we missed it.
We visited with a man who had a ton of toys. He let the kids play with them and he explained each toy. He was so cool and the boys were surprised they could actually touch and play with the stuff. We ate our cinnamon rolls because we didn't eat breakfast and we also bought some stuff from a little shop at the fort. Then we went on a tour of the actual fort.
The lady was a great tour guide and the boys loved answering her questions. I had a lot of questions and she humored me. It was so interesting. We learned a lot but it was so fun too that the boys were never bored. One of the last places we stopped at was the doctor. He had so many tools and gadgets. The room was completely silent as he talked. I think seeing the saw and the scissors on the table made my boys clam up. He had some things that I had never seen before and he knew so much about it all. He was our favorite part of the fort.
By the end of that it was 1 pm and we had planned on meeting Mysti, so we went to look for her and she came right to us. We introduced all the kids to each other. Dougan and Nick immediately linked arms and Koen, Eades and Caleb made a group and were instant friends. We walked around a little and then it started to rain. We took cover and decided when there was a break in the rain we'd run to our cars and meet at the library.
We did as planned and went to the awesome Allen County Library. The kids section there is so cool. The kids had a wonderful time and then we went upstairs to see the geneology section. Mysti said that it is the 2nd largest next to SLC. It was a very big section and a lot of people were there. I will have to go back there without kids some day. Mysti's husband Adam works there and he knows a lot about geneology. He loves it and Mysti said he could help me anytime I need it. I am so excited about that.
The boys thought Mysti was great. They kept asking about how we were related. They figured she had to be my sister because she was a lot of fun like Aunt Rachel. I found it interesting too because she did remind me a lot of Rachel throughout the day. She just really seemed to enjoy herself and having all the kids around. So we know we're going to get together again soon. We only live 20 min. away from each other. I found out Fred moved to Fort Wayne too not long ago. I don't have any plans to meet with him though.
Okay, so then we came back to Huntington and went to the store. Dougan and Brandis still had gift cards left over from their birthdays so they each got to pick out some more gifts. Then we got some groceries and finally made it home. It was a long day. We cooked some dinner and then watched the storm brewing outside. Later that evening Tony took the older two out to see some flooding, then to Wendy's for some frosties. They said it was really neat to see how much water there was.
The next day we got to take it easy in the morning because it was stake conference. We had and extra half hour to get ready, so I prepared a roast and veggies and put it in the oven. We got new counselors in many different stake presidencies and then got to hear some great talks. When we came home we had a wonderful lunch. Then we watched some Anne of Green Gables and went to bed. That's my kind of Sunday.

Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Getting Healthy

Every year around springtime I start wanting to get healthy again. A friend of mine talked me into going to a Pilate's class with her at the YMCA. We go twice a week. I figured it would be good because it's low impact and it's supposed to help your core. So I go and of course I'm the largest person in there. The instructor seems to get delight out of calling me the beginner. I like her though, she's really nice and I really don't mind when she says, "Beginners, you can just watch, advanced we're going to do the crab."
The worst part is they have two walls of mirrors. I originally positioned myself so I couldn't see me in the mirrors. Well class size has dropped and now there I am. It's almost depressing. I could fool myself in my mind that I looked like the other ladies while doing the moves but now I know exactly what I look like. Pilate's is really hard. My legs are never as high, I can't stretch as far, and why am I the only one sweating? I know it's doing something because I always feel it the next day. After class I walk one or two miles on the track upstairs. There are no mirrors so I like that part. Plus I can go as fast or as slow as I like. I'm glad I'm in the class because it makes me go to the YMCA whereas if I was just going to go walk I would probably never make it there.
I think I might have lost a little weight already but nothing noticeable where people are saying, "Hey Sarah, You're looking really good".
Then as far as food goes, I am not on a diet at all but I have noticed that I don't have much of an appetite anymore. I'm pretty sure my stomach has shrunk. I think my kids are actually out-eating me. I suppose it's not bad but hopefully I'll feel like eating again once the reunion comes up. Between the Essenhaus buffet and Aunt Lorene's I need to be able to pack it in. I'm actually going to Lorene's next Saturday. Maybe that will snap my appetite back where it used to be.

Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Taygan and Brandis

Here are my funny littlest ones. I find them hiding in this cupboard all the time. I used to have stuff in here but Taygan kept getting in there and taking everything out, so I emptied it and now they like to play in there. I wonder where they get that from.

They also just love to get their pictures taken apparently. They decided to pose together and be silly.

They're lots of fun to spend my days with. I'm debating whether or not I want to put Brandis in preschool next year because I'm afraid Taygan and I will miss him too much.

Koen in Scouts

Our ward has a very awesome scouting program. We have lots of great leaders and they go out of there way to make sure the boys have a good time. I have some pictures of the pinewood derby.

Koen did really well at the derby and got second place.

Friday night we went to a Mad Ants game. The Mad Ants are the Fort Wayne basketball team. The scouts got to hold the flags for the National Anthem before the game. Then the Mad Ant came and posed with them. During the second half of the game somebody asked if the boys would like to get a tour of the locker room. Koen and the other boys thought it was really cool to see that. I think that was Koen's favorite part. I guess he's never been in a locker room before.

We had a great time. Our team didn't win because the Reno Bighorns were just too good, but it was nice to enjoy a night out with Koen.

Brandis' Bad Hair Day

Our son Brandis has wild hair. It grows fast and when he takes a nap it goes in every which direction. Here are a few photos to display his bad hair awesomeness.


I got a new camera for Christmas from my brother Sam and his wife Jenny. I decided today that I need to get my photos off of it so I'll be doing various posts to show off my pictures. I'll start with our New Years celebration. We also got a chocolate fountain for Christmas so we had that and fruit and pound cake and marshmallows, plus the usual chips and stuff for our party.

We also had party hats and noise makers and streamers. We played some music and had a good time. We started our party early and then at 9 pm we acted as if it was midnight and did the poppers and danced. Then we went to bed. It was a lot of fun.

Sunday, February 20, 2011

Not Fair!

I know somebody who never gets headaches. This person also never has a sore back and also never experiences being sick to their stomach with worry. I wonder what it would be like to not have thoughts and worries effect your physical being. Luckily I don't get very many headaches anymore, but my neck, shoulders and back constantly have knots. I can get in such a worry that my stomach will ache and ache. My stomach will not rest until I know what to do and make a decision.
So why is this other person so lucky? Who knows, I guess maybe people like that have to suffer in other ways. One thing I do know is that suffering isn't all bad. The R.S. lesson was on sacrifice today which lead into trials and personal sufferings. I remembered there is purpose behind everything that happens to us. Maybe even the way that we each receive our trials has personal purpose for us. It gave me something to think about.

Friday, January 7, 2011

Small World

As I have been getting to know people in my new ward I have found out that I have some connections with some of them. On Wednesday one of them brought a photo that she had of me from a youth conference when I was 15 yr. old. One family has a brother that was the high priest assigned to my old ward and the wife grew up with one of my college roommates. A member of our bishopric and the primary pres. who are married to each other used to live in Linz which is where I served my mission for about 5 mths. We never met but we know many of the same people. Of course some people know my dad from when the stake had larger boundaries a long time ago. Through Facebook I found out that a couple of my friends grew up here and we share friends now. I'm sure it will just keep on coming too.
One thing that the one with the photo of me said was when she showed the picture to her son after she found it. She explained how we met over 15 years ago and must have become friends. She told him that he needs to be nice to people he meets because they might just show up again years down the road. That made me laugh at first but then I really started thinking about it. What if I had left a bad impression on these connections I have? What if I would have been rude to her and she had this photo of me that she drew a mustache on and stuck pins threw the eyes? How awkward would that have been? What if my roommate thought I was crazy and now this friend in my ward is hearing all these wild stories about me and starts spreading it around? You get the point. Well, hopefully nothing like that is the case.
I have decided though that throughout the rest of my life the world will probably continue to get smaller and smaller so I need to make sure I am always keeping myself in check. I mean, if people are going to find out that they both know me, I want them to say something good about me. I don't want my name being tarnished. "Oh, Sarah Bullock, yeah she eats boogers." "Oh I remember her. Her clothes were always too tight." "She always had a filthy mouth." No Way! I want "Yeah, she was always so sweet." "That girl cracks me up." "I always wanted her to marry my brother so we could be sisters." That's the kind of stuff I want said about me.
The End