Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Koen in Scouts

Our ward has a very awesome scouting program. We have lots of great leaders and they go out of there way to make sure the boys have a good time. I have some pictures of the pinewood derby.

Koen did really well at the derby and got second place.

Friday night we went to a Mad Ants game. The Mad Ants are the Fort Wayne basketball team. The scouts got to hold the flags for the National Anthem before the game. Then the Mad Ant came and posed with them. During the second half of the game somebody asked if the boys would like to get a tour of the locker room. Koen and the other boys thought it was really cool to see that. I think that was Koen's favorite part. I guess he's never been in a locker room before.

We had a great time. Our team didn't win because the Reno Bighorns were just too good, but it was nice to enjoy a night out with Koen.


Ruthykins said...

what are the mad ants and reno bighorns? reno, nevada?

greenolive said...

Yes, I think Reno, NV. Find out if Reno has a basketball team named the Bighorns. If they do, you guys have a great team. They made almost every shot.

Puphigirl said...

What a great experience! That reminds me, I need to schedule a track for our Pinewood Derby next month.

EmmaP said...

yay for good scouting leaders! the boys look like they had fun!