Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Taygan and Brandis

Here are my funny littlest ones. I find them hiding in this cupboard all the time. I used to have stuff in here but Taygan kept getting in there and taking everything out, so I emptied it and now they like to play in there. I wonder where they get that from.

They also just love to get their pictures taken apparently. They decided to pose together and be silly.

They're lots of fun to spend my days with. I'm debating whether or not I want to put Brandis in preschool next year because I'm afraid Taygan and I will miss him too much.

Koen in Scouts

Our ward has a very awesome scouting program. We have lots of great leaders and they go out of there way to make sure the boys have a good time. I have some pictures of the pinewood derby.

Koen did really well at the derby and got second place.

Friday night we went to a Mad Ants game. The Mad Ants are the Fort Wayne basketball team. The scouts got to hold the flags for the National Anthem before the game. Then the Mad Ant came and posed with them. During the second half of the game somebody asked if the boys would like to get a tour of the locker room. Koen and the other boys thought it was really cool to see that. I think that was Koen's favorite part. I guess he's never been in a locker room before.

We had a great time. Our team didn't win because the Reno Bighorns were just too good, but it was nice to enjoy a night out with Koen.

Brandis' Bad Hair Day

Our son Brandis has wild hair. It grows fast and when he takes a nap it goes in every which direction. Here are a few photos to display his bad hair awesomeness.


I got a new camera for Christmas from my brother Sam and his wife Jenny. I decided today that I need to get my photos off of it so I'll be doing various posts to show off my pictures. I'll start with our New Years celebration. We also got a chocolate fountain for Christmas so we had that and fruit and pound cake and marshmallows, plus the usual chips and stuff for our party.

We also had party hats and noise makers and streamers. We played some music and had a good time. We started our party early and then at 9 pm we acted as if it was midnight and did the poppers and danced. Then we went to bed. It was a lot of fun.