Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Finals are kicking my butt!

I never really minded finals so much when I was younger, but this time around I'm totally stressed. I stayed up all night last night studying for my math final. I used to be able to pull all-nighters all the time in my younger days just like that. So by the time I was done studying, I had just enough time to get in the shower and wake the kids up for school, I didn't even have enough time for breakfast. Well, I did take a little munchy break at about 3 am for refueling so I was still good to go. I somehow managed to muddle through the exam and I hope I didn't screw up too bad. I at least had an answer down for everything, weather it was right or not, I'll have to wait to find out. Now I just have my computer class left. I don't have a final in there but I can retake all my labs to get 100%s on them. So, I'll go in for the next couple of days to work in the lab a little bit more. Then I'll be done for the semester. I know I'm taking a break this next semester to regroup and get ready for our new little bundle of joy.
Oh that's right, incase any don't already know, we are expecting our fifth in June. I don't know yet if we'll be blessed with another boy or if it's time for a girl. I think I'll post when I find out, and I really hope I can find out this time. I have up to this point lived through the suspense for 9 months with each of them.
So back to finals, when I got home, I had enough energy left to give the kids a bath, out on some lunch, and get Eades off the bus. After a bite to eat I snuggled up on the couch for a much needed nap. Apparently I didn't sleep long enough because my eyes are still burning, but Tony is sleeping before he goes to work tonight so I need to be up and bright eyed. I should start getting things ready to go to school tomorrow but I think I'll finish this blog up and then make something yummy for dinner and try to get the boys to go to bed early so I can go to bed early. If I can just hold on until Friday then all this finals business will be over. I am kind of afraid to see what kind of grades I'll get this semester. I wanted to get straight A's and I was doing pretty good up until half-way through the semester. Then I got really sick and then Dougan was in the hospital and the grades just went on a nice steady decline. So I hope I worked hard enough at the beginning to still come out decently. I really don't want B's but I guess I'll take them and if I have to take a C, fine, at least I made it to the end of the semester. So that's it, my first semester back in seven years, and I already need a break.


Ruthykins said...

yes, you need to find out what you are having as soon as posible!

greenolive said...

ASAP!?!!?!?!!! What's up with that? I didn't realize the urgency.

Ruthykins said...

oh, it's urgent all right. if you are gonna have a girl we gots to have enough time to send you all sorts of frilly clothes and what not.

greenolive said...

And if it's a boy send me a doll I can dress up.

EmmaP said...

just reading it makes me exhausted. ugh - i guess this is what i have to look forward to if i plan to go back to school, right? double-ugh!