Thursday, June 5, 2008

Eades is Choosing the Right

Eades found his old CTR ring yesterday in our kitchen drawer. I adjusted it to his now bigger fingers which he thought was awesome. He thinks I can fix anything. I let him believe it. And he has been wearing it proudly since then. Eades loves bling. He says someday, when he's big, he will give all his money to buy all the diamonds in the world. He says he will give me two. I know, all the diamonds in the world and he can only spare two for his dear old mum. He also likes gold, silver, and money. But he is more of a collector than a spender so I am not too worried about him. So anyway, I figured he only likes the ring because it is jewelry. But then I heard him lecturing Dougan about choosing the right. He was trying to teach him that if they all choose the right they can play together without fighting. Maybe there really is some magic behind those little things. Well, let's hope so, and let's hope that it keeps working.


EmmaP said...

how sweet! remind him his fav Aunt Emma loves jewelry!!!