Saturday, June 28, 2008

So tired

We had a ward picnic today. I like potlucks and picnics and such because I can try new things and not have it go to waste. I mean, even if people don't particularly like it, it's already on their plate so they'll probably eat it anyway, unless it's totally horrible of course. But if I try something new at home and nobody likes it, the leftovers just sit in the fridge until I can either finish them myself or just end up throwing it out. So today I tried two new dishes to fully take advantage of my unsuspecting crowd. I always feel so proud when I see people go up for seconds or when they ask who brought that great dish. Which they did today. Props for me.
So anyway. I started getting my dishes prepared last night with cutting veggies and cooking noodles and such. I stayed up pretty late but I also had to wake up early to bake a cake which needed to be refrigerated after baking. I couldn't bake it last night because the pudding in it probably would have turned it to mush. I digress. Then we got there and I spent my time feeding, chasing, playing with, and counting the heads of my children, for three and a half hours. Then my husband thought it would be fun to go swimming at his mom's. By the way he fished the whole time at the picnic except when he came to eat for ten minutes. While at Gramma's I mowed a lawn, played ball, fed children, performed two wardrobe changes for all the kids, and played with a great big dog. We were there for about five hours. Five hours. Five hours. Five.
Now I'm home and I'm exhausted. I have my feet propped up right now. My kids are worn out too. They are all being so quiet watching Shrek. When you play hard on a hot day this is to be expected. All in all though, today was one of those good days that make life so wonderful. It was beautiful weather and we were outdoors almost all day. I also love to see my kids just running around having fun with all their little friends. It reminds me of when I was little.
You know I just realized why my legs are so unbelievably sore. I went to a kick boxing class yesterday for the first time. I am way out of shape. I guess after being on my feet all day just made it worse. Maybe I'll go soak in the tub or something.
In case you were wondering I made a Greek pasta salad and a pina colada cake. Both were big hits.
Well goodnight. Calgon, take me away!


EmmaP said...

a woman's work is never done...
i need your pina colada cake recipe. i, too am tired from the long weekend. calgon...take me away too!