Wednesday, July 27, 2011


Our family went to a TinCaps game with the scouts and the achievement girls. It was really fun, but I think everytime I go to a game they lose. I should probably stop going but it's so much fun.
Here's Taygan being excited for our team.

Here are my boys chilling out on the hill.

Tony's talking with one of his best friends there. I don't think they cared much about the game. Actually I think I was the only person in our family cheering.

Like I said. The team lost but they still had really cool fireworks afterward and because they are named after Johnny Appleseed they had an array of apple desserts. They also had a few guys called the Bad Apple Dancers who cleaned around the bases and also danced some groovy disco moves. They were so fun. We can't wait to go again this summer.

Splash Park

Here are some pics of my kids at the splash park. They all had a lot of fun. We've been having some hot hot weather here lately and just looking at these pictures makes me feel a little cooler.

Memorial Day

Our ward had a real nice Memorial Day picnic. They even had a kiddie parade. Here's Brandis working his way around the corner.

Here comes Koen.

Eades with a nice flag strapped to his bike.

Koen with a flag in his face.

Brandis still chuggin' away.

Dougan didn't want to be in the parade so another little girl used his scooter so she could be in it. The kids had a good time decorating them red white and blue and us adults loved cheering them on as they went round and round the little circle.

Marshmallow Fluff

Here's a couple pictures of when Taygan got into some marshmallow cream.

She acted like she didn't know how it happened.

Friday, July 22, 2011


Two nights ago Tony and I were talking about the awesome trek that the youth from our ward were on. Suddenly we hear shrieks and screaming coming from one the other room. I figured one of the kids must have changed the channel or something and Tony asked me if that was our kids, not believing they could be making such a ruckus. We decided to check it out. There was a huge black beetle in their room. Most of the kids were terrified. Tony picked the beetle up and told all the kids they were going to touch it. Of course the older two were interested as was Taygan. Brandis reluctantly pet the beetle and Dougan wouldn't go near it. Tony put it outside and I thought that was the end.
Today the boys found the same beetle on our front porch. They decided he needed to be our pet. They brought him inside and tried to feed it. I told them he had to go out. I watched out my window as they tried to get it to eat ham, carrots, broccoli, and a cherry. I told them they needed to come inside because a storm was coming. They were concerned for their pet beetle. I said, "Let's look him up online". We googled him and I found that he is a dung beetle. I told the boys he doesn't eat any of that stuff they tried to feed him. They didn't know what dung was so I told them it was poop. They had a good laugh about it. I teased them for having held it. They no longer want it as a pet.