Wednesday, October 31, 2012

My Clenched Fisted Little Girl

Last week Taygan just got a toy from the store and was holding it at home when she let out a little scream. She cried and said she got poked by a needle. I couldn't see anything on her hand. She decided to clench her hands to protect herself. She kept her fists like that the remainder of the afternoon. Tony asked about it that evening and I explained. At this point I still did't know what had happened but when I looked again I could see the bee sting. So it all made sense. Taygan is still clenching her fists afraid to open her hands. It's amazing what she can do with little stubs for hands. She has completely adjusted to not having fingers anymore. It cracks me up but I'm also worried about her at the same time. I open her hands for her a couple times a day to make sure everything is still working and now I'm trying to have her open them herself from time to time. Any suggestions of how to help my terrified little girl who is too afraid to use her hands anymore?


KiennaP said...

Well for the bee sting (if it still hurts) my mom says to put deodorant on it. For getting her to not be afraid, just keep telling her to open her fists that there are no more bees to sting her. And if that doesn't work then maybe just say that a bee will sting her if she keeps them closed haha I don't know, I am probably not much of a help, I'm not good at this.

greenolive said...

Kienna I love you. I lol'd at the tell her a bee WILL sting her. I never heard of the deodorant thing. We just put vinegar on it and it was fine.