Thursday, September 18, 2008

Married with Children

So this summer I celebrated my seventh anniversary with my wonderful Husband Phat Tony. The other day I was reading in a magazine about having a seventh year itch anniversary party. Too bad I didn't read this earlier. I thought it was a cute idea. Anyway, it start me thinking about how long I have been married and all the things that have happened in the past seven years. The most important is the addition of our four boys. Just thinking about how many diapers I've changed, how many hugs I've given, and how many times I had to clean up vomit, I realize how much they have become my identity. I think if I was asked to introduce myself in a room of people it would be, HI, my name is Sarah and I'm the mom of four boys. That pretty much somes it up.
Okay and then there's the fact the I've been married for seven years. After seeing the article I thought, do I have the seven year itch. I actually don't. Tony is the man of my dreams so why would I get itchy feet over that. Besides who else would deal with me and I wouldn't want to raise the boys by myself. So that felt good realizing that I don't have the itch.
Then I started thinking about how I have changed. I'm going to be 31 in a couple of weeks. I was 23 when I got married. I have matured. I handle things a little better. I'm a little smarter. I think I'm a bit more organized. So even though my curves aren't as kickin' anymore, and my hair and make-up are rarely up to par, I think I might be a better housewife than I was at the beginning.
Now as a family things have changed. I think it took us awhile to figure things out but I like to think we finally have. We used to be like, A budget, whadget? Now I think we've become more financially responsible and we can see the light at the end of the tunnel. So we are at the point where we can keep up with maybe not the Jone's but the Johnson's lets say.
So we've got kids, wonderful husband, better self, and moving up in the world. Wow, when people say that marriage only gets better it looks like it could possibly be true.
Alright, as I re-read that I realized how cheesy it is. So I don't want it to sound like everything is totally wonderful and perfect. Sometimes I do tend to look at things with rose-colored glasses, but I think I truly like where we're at right now. I also have hope for the years to come. I know I have more maturing and growing to go and I hope I can see some progress in the next seven years.


Ruthykins said...

tell phat tony i said hi

EmmaP said...

hope is a good way to live.

okeydokeyifine said...

One thing about being married to the love of your life is that you can go through tough times together.

Think about Boot Camp. All the hard work and mud and such. You are trained to watch your brother's back, you can count on him. He will be there no matter what. It is said that you never leave a brother in harm's way.

So I think we need to have a marriage boot camp. Support each other and never leave each other to do it alone. Both working for the common good.

I know, quite preachy. I think it has taken me all these years to finally get that in my head. It is not all about me, it is about us.

But don't tell Dad that, I like that he spoils me.