Wednesday, September 3, 2008

Things I really like

So it's not that I didn't like the list that google came up with for me, but I decided to make a legitimate list of things I like.

1. Strawberry Licorice I don't really care for any other flavor. Twizzlers are the best but I'll eat red vines if I "have" to
2. Rain I actually just like the smell of it and how everything looks after it rains. Well, sometimes it's nice to be outside in it too. If I'm not going somewhere, but just playing in it.
3. Autumn I love the smells and the sights of fall. This is definitely my favorite season. Not too hot and not too cold. It's perfect.
4. Newborns You can't get any sweeter than this. I even love their cry. But the best thing about newborns is when you pick them up and they start to arch their backs. It is the cutest thing ever.
5. Campfires Just picture everyone around the fire calm and relaxed. It's dark out but everybody has a flickering light on their face. It smells perfect and you can sing songs, toast marshmallows, or just stare into the flames.
6. A certain green fruit often stuffed with pimento I had to put it on the list.
7. Road trips I love to go very far or just drive around for an hour. It doesn't matter, I just like it.
8. Taco Bell Have you ever had a chicken mexi-melt? Get one today. You won't regret it.
9. Game night I mostly enjoy doing this with my family, but if someones playing I want to be there too.
10. The color white This is my favorite color. I could go on about why I like white but I think it will suffice to say it's my favorite.
11. Chicken poop Ha ha ha (BTW, this is not really on the list)
12. Singing harmony I love doing this and I wish I could do it more often then just at church.
13. Silver white winters that melt into spring It just kind of felt a little "favorite things"ish
14. The number 14 This has been my favorite number for a long time. I can't remember why but I used to want 14 kids. Yeah, that's not going to happen.


Puphigirl said...

Raindrops on roses and whiskers on kittens.....

I like to drive in the mountains in October when the trees have changed colors. It is so beautiful.

EmmaP said...

14 kids??? Are you crazy???

BTW, I went to lunch @ Tony Caputo's for lunch a few weeks ago. They serve these HUGE green olives with every order. These are BIG-D's favs. He always mentions it to the person taking the order, just so they will feel compelled to give him a few extra, hahaha.

We'll have to go and get a jar while you're here and see if they are any sort of match for the ones you love!

Ruthykins said...

i LOVE chicken poop!

KiennaP said...
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KiennaP said...
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KiennaP said...
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