Friday, August 29, 2008

Sarah Loves...

Here are the results of my google search, sarah loves.

Sarah loves pop culture. Sure I guess I'm a fan.
Sarah loves teletubbies. Who doesn't?
Sarah loves chicken poop. Yep, that's right, can't get enough.
Sarah loves her thumb. True, but only one of them.
Sarah loves you(in your dreams) This one sounds scary.
Sarah loves her autumn mascara. I also love my spring blush.
Sarah loves her chicken. Of course, it poops!
Sarah loves Zac. I'm assuming Efron. Yep that's right.
Sarah loves Ruth long distance. Wow, scarily accurate.
Sarah loves oysters. Whoever told you that is a liar and a fink.
Sarah loves ponies. Uh huh. Wait, ponies poop right?
Sarah loves Jonas brothers. How do they know this? My secret is out.
Sarah loves Momo and Momo loves spoons. Right, and spoons love me, we get it.
Sarah loves paper clips. I love the way that they hold paper together. Yeah, they're cool.

Alright so google what you love and blog it.


Puphigirl said...

Did you know that everybody poops?

EmmaP said...

i giggled and giggled over your list. good one!!! waaaay better than mine!

KiennaP said...

ok i searched google. i could find ANYTHING. so i went to i found a few. but it took a while for me to find some. here are some of them i found
kienna loves cupcakes! ok this is true
kienna loves animals. ok, only certain animals. things like snakes and stuff, no!

kienna loves music. ok this one is very true! kienna loves spiders. ok NOT true!! noway!

kienna loves cake and vookies and other sweets! ok now this is DEFINITLY TRUE! MMMMMMM!! aw great! now i want some cake. who doesn't? ok so thatg is a few things. not all of them but a few. p.s. nice blog

KiennaP said...

do you know what a vookies are? they are vampire cookies. they are for halloween. you get a sugar cookie and put white, black, orange and other color frostings that are halloween colors on it and you put candy corn on it. the candy corn is supposed to be the teeth. mmmm!