Monday, August 25, 2008

Okay, I'll tell some of my secrets too.

To follow after my two sisters here are some of my confessions that I'm willing to admit to.
1. I love to people watch. I like to figure out what the story could be behind what I see. I could probably do this all day if I didn't mind offending people by staring at them. Seriously, this is one of my favorite things to do.

2. I can get myself scared very easily. I freak myself out by playing scenarios in my mind. It could be anything from being alone at night, to taking a class at school. I get myself so worked up that I have nightmares for weeks about what I thought up.

3. I love green olives. I could eat them all day. I only buy them on special occasions though because I view them as a treat. My boys love them too and when we order pizza we always get green olive and ham. Or sometimes just green olive. I'm a green olive freak. I would gladly except them as a birthday or Christmas gift. But only get me the Mario brand. I'm very particular. Just a little plug there.

4. I love to camp. I love the fires, I love the food, I love the air, the sounds, the smells, the stars. I love that I don't have a phone and there are no appointments.

5. I love to dress up. I don't get many opportunities to do this but I wish I had more. I don't just mean fancy dress, dress up. I mean costumes. Seventies, eighties, witch, anything. I love it.

6. Little House on the Prairie is my favorite show. Caroline is my favorite. Watch it, you'll love it.

7. I have only bought Christmas presents for my kids once. We do the nativity story and usually some decorations, but no gifts. They get enough from their grandparents anyway. We do buy them each one thing at tax returns though. One of my friends thinks this is awful. Let me know what you think. If the response is overwhelming I might change my ways.

8. I love to eat. I remember events by what I ate. I go to some events just for the food. I love to make food and I love to eat it. I wish I was a better cook so I could make whatever I wanted all the time. Lunch was my favorite subject in school. I still look forward to meal times. I don't really snack much. I guess I just like the meal.

9. I too am a sap. If I see another person crying I start to cry too. If I see another person suffering or scared, I cry. When I was ward chorister I had to make sure I did not look at the other saps during certain hymns because I knew I would just burst out into tears. I hate driving by accidents with ambulances. I imagine up a story and I start to cry. I once saw a father with three young children on the side of the road and the daughter was just bawling and the father was hugging all of them. I mean, how can you not cry when you see that?

10. I'm curious. I like to know what the heck is going on all the time. For example, when my hubby gets off the phone my line of questioning begins. I want to know word for word what was said. I want to know what my kids are doing all day long in school. I want to know how so and so makes her funeral potatoes because they taste better than everybody else's. I want to know how he proposed to her and how she answered back. When I hear news I want details. I can usually stifle my curiosity so it looks like I'm cool, but deep down I want to know everything.

well tens a good number end with and I can't really think of anything else right now. remember, I want your vote on if my kids should get presents this year or not.


EmmaP said...

The present-thing isn't SO bad. True - it does make me feel a bit sorry for them, almost to the point where now I'm in tears!

I think it would be fun to give them each a dollar and let them buy something for EACH OTHER at the dollar store. Encouraging them to think of others.

I remember watching Seventh Heaven (i've seen EVERY episode - I love that mom) and they were only allowed to "make" gifts for each other - nothing store bought. I always thought that was a cool idea.

By the way - do you happen to like Green Olives? Just curious!

okeydokeyifine said...

I think the present, or should I say No present, thing is great.

We each set up Rules for raising our own children, and if it works for us, why change.

Making tax return time special to them will help them not to dread it in the future as adults.

Things are nice to have, but we have things to live, not live to have things.

And the most important advice I can give is to Not listen to anyone's advice on child-rearing.
Unless of course they make sense. Like: Let the punishment fit the crime. Don't take away scouts if they don't do their homework. See, that doesn't make sense. Have them get up in the early morning hous to do the homework that they shirked it the night before. Now that makes sense.

Puphigirl said...

What!?! No Christmas presents?!? Ok, I know that Christmas is really celebrating the birth of Christ, spending time with family and thinking of others. I can understand that if they get plenty of stuff from extended family members, then they won't notice not getting anything from you. Do you at least fill stockings? I mean, they are missing out on all that great Christmas candy. Do you have a special Christmas meal? As long as there are traditions being carried out, I guess I won't judge you. I like Emma's ideas about getting the kids to focus on each other with gifts or maybe doing something for another.

greenolive said...

We don't do stockings at our house either but one Gramma does a stocking for each of them. So they do get it just not from us. I think the problem is that we spend every Christmas with my in-laws, so the dinner is there too. I usually do the finger food, some desserts, and parts of the main meal. It's the same way for Thanksgiving, except sometimes I do the Turkey along with the other things. I think it's hard for me to set my own traditions when we have combined families.