Saturday, August 16, 2008

Ha Ha Funny!!!

Our young women took the personality color test as part of our activity one night. One question had fun-loving as one of the choices. One of the girls thought that was absurd because who wouldn't love fun? I thought that was funny because I had picked another choice and I wondered why I didn't choose fun-loving. I mean, I like to have a good time. It reminded me of one of my sister's blogs where she laughed so hard she almost wet her pants. I never laugh that hard. So me and the other leader explained that to some people fun is not one of their priorities. Some people love other things more than fun and that is why the question made sense.
So this led me to wonder what I love more than fun and why I don't laugh on a regular basis. As far as the laughing goes, I think I'm just lame. I mean, I smile when something funny happens and sometimes I will do a laugh out loud, but I'm not rolling over in an uncontrollable fit.
So what do I love more than fun? I love being in control. I think that includes my emotions. I love my family, so that means I don't get to party party party. I think I love being boring. Well needless to say the young women were very disappointed in me and the other leader for not being fun-loving and the one even went on to say that she will be a very fun-loving mother.
I think that I could do with a little more fun in my life and I know that when I do laugh the most it's when I'm around my family; parents, siblings, neices, nephews, husband and children. Heck, sometimes I even laugh at myself. So if you ever feel the need to amuse an otherwise very dull person give me a call, write a humorous blog, or send me those funny forwards. I promise I'll at least crack a smile.


Ruthykins said...

so, you don't laugh? ever?

EmmaP said...

Being fun-loving is a skill, Greenolive. And wouldn't it be great to add that to your other list of skills??? nun-chuck skills...kick-boxing hacking skills...oh, wait...That's not you. Wow! Even Napolean Dynomite is more fun-loving than you. j/k.

So really, Instead of LOL-ing (laughing out loud), what you are doing is LOI-ing. (Laughing On the Inside).

Henceforth, I would prefer you use the correct IM Syntax to describe your undemonstrative responses to the rest of us fun-loving, incontinent populace.

And if something were really funny, you might even go as far to say RMELOI (Rolling My Eyes, Laughing On Inside).

Of course, that would mean you'd have to allow your brain to reward you with pleasure, you control freak, you!

:) Fun-Loving is Fun!!! C'mon - try it!

greenolive said...

I laugh sometimes Ruthykins. I like to contain it though. I don't lol very often. If something really makes me laugh I usually laugh silently and if I'm really amused tears will come to my eyes.
Emmap I like your idea about not typing lol I should type something else. Maybe cos, cracked a smile.

EmmaP said...

me want new post..............waiting..........hungry for new post.......