Thursday, August 28, 2008


I was so nervous about going back to school after all these years. Math class especially freaked me out. I've only gone to class four days now, but I'm doing surprisingly well. I thought I would be lost from the beginning and pulling my hair out. I enjoy doing my homework so much that I do extra. I have more fun doing math homework than I do crosswords and logic puzzles. I'm really happy about my major and I think I'll do really well.
Well there were two times that I made a fool out of myself in class already. On the second day the teacher asked me for the range of a function. I gave the correct answer but I added in some unneccessary information that she told me to leave out. It made sense once she said it and I was so disappointed in myself for not figuring it out before she had to tell me. The other time happened today when another student gave her a different formula than what was in the book. He also got the answer wrong so I assumed it was his incorrect formula. So she asked me what answer I got and I told her the correct answer and said I believed the formula on the board to be incorrect and I said what it should be. She said I made a good point and showed the difference between the formulas. Even though they go about it differently they end up with the same answer. Again, it was something that made so much sense and I was kicking myself for not figuring it out before I opened my mouth. At least I got the right answer though.
So on Monday we are going to be put into groups. I'm way excited. I don't really know what we're going to do in the groups, like are they study groups or are we going to be doing assignments together. But I can't wait to talk about math and do math and I also want to gage where I am in the group. I mean, am I at the front of the class or do I have some catching up to do? I just want to see where I'm at. I know it doesn't really matter as long as I get my good grades but I just want to know. Curious.
So anyway, I promise I won't blog about math all the time. I think this is probably a one time thing. I'm not even expecting comments. Really. I just wanted to talk about my previous anxiety that has now turned to excitement.


EmmaP said...

i was always good at math, but strangely enough hated it. oh well - at least you like it. as for the groups - i have heard that is what practially all the colleges are doing now. groups giving group presentations, etc. it is supposed to help with the corporate america's philosophy on "teamwork"... good luck! keep us all posted!