Monday, May 31, 2010

Hot Times

The weather is getting warmer and warmer. We've been enjoying ourselves. We went to the zoo and saw every single animal. We went to the beach and got our toes wet and found lots of shells. We even had a water balloon fight. I should have taken pictures. It was actually really funny. Mostly Koen and Eades and I were getting each other and then Brandis would toss one at us. Then Dougan would sneak in and grab one and then throw it. He was the only one who didn't get wet. We're planning another balloon fight for their birthday party. I'm sort of not looking forward to filling all those balloons. My fingers were sore from filling the ones we used and now I'll have to triple that to have enough for the party. Ugh.
School is out. What will we do this summer. We'll have lots of fun whatever we do. I sure hope everyone has a happy summer.

Monday, May 10, 2010


My little sister I named Pinky. She is the youngest so pinky fits plus she is a little bit pink. Seriously, she has pink tones in her skin. The name is also cute and that fits her too. She and I always shared a room growing up. She knew pretty much everything about me. I am a very private person so Ruth knew more about me than my closest friends. My sister and I are a little different but I think when we're together we are magic. It's fun hanging out and I wish she lived closer. Before I was married we would go out on our days off. One week I would pay and the next time she would. It was nice having our weekly outing even though we lived together. That is just the way we were. Ruth and I loved adventures and doing things spur of the moment. One time we saw a Rally's commercial on tv. We decided we had to have some Rally burgers. We got in the car and drove 45 min. to the closest Rally Burger. It was worth it.
In high school we ate lunch together in the cafeteria. That was fun to sit with each other. We also had a club with some other members of our church who went to school with us. We did silly things and had fun doing it. She was a great little sister, not annoying like some other little sisters I would hear about. She didn't follow me around or anything. We were usually playing together anyway so she didn't have to follow me around.
She was one of the three little ones with me and my brother. We did the dancing and such. I don't know if three other siblings had as much fun as us. We really enjoyed one another's company.
When I first left home and went to college my sister and I wrote to each other frequently. Mostly we emailed. When I wrote her I didn't have to give her a log of my activities or anything like that. We could write silly things to each other that nobody else would get. It was good for me to feel like I fit when I didn't know anyone around me and I was shy. We continued to email through my second year and then when I went away on my mission she wrote me letters. Again they were mostly silly letters. We would write poems and funny things like that. If someone read the letters they would think we were weirdos but to us they made sense.
When I got back from my mission we hung out that whole summer and then went to college together. We shared a room again. It was fun. I really do wish we could live closer but sometimes I think maybe it's better if Ruth and I don't live too close. Our whole lives would become nothing but silliness all the time and everyone would think we were crazy. We get each other so well, that we would read each others minds and be way too involved in one anothers lives. So even though I miss her so much I enjoy waiting for those special moments when we can be together at reunions and such. Absence makes the heart grow fonder right? Or is it abscess makes the fart go Honda? I can't remember. I cherish the phone calls and emails. So, keep them coming. And that is my sister Pinky.
And this ladies and gentlemen concludes my blogs on my family and their nicknames. Here is the recap; Monkey Wrench, Matinee, Prank, Ipod, Hopscotch, Uncle Remus, Roulette, and Pinky

Thursday, May 6, 2010


I named my younger brother Roulette. This guy is always willing to take a risk. He is also very lucky physically. He was accident prone growing up braking bones and bursting ear drums and things of this nature. His eyesight wasn't very good so I'm sure that accompanied by his active nature and willingness to try anything ended him in the emergency room a few times. He also was involved in several car accidents. Every time he was able to walk away. It always could have been worse and this boy is just good at dodging bullets. I also thought the name Roulette sounded pretty cool so it fits him.
As my younger brother we spent a lot of time together along with our younger sister. Our mom dubbed us The Three Little Ones. We were usually playing nicely and I don't remember us fighting very often. As we grew to teenagers we still liked spending time together. He was a fun kid and he was a good brother.
One summer we were in single adults together. Some of my favorite moments were spent that summer with him as we hung out with friends and really got to form a special bond between us. I think as his older sister I feel like I want to protect him from things. I also want him to know how terrific he is. It's interesting the strong feelings being an older sister can invoke in a person. Right now he's serving our country overseas. I love hearing from him and I'm happy when he's happy. I can't wait for him to come home so we can get together again.
Some things about my brother that people should know is that he is a great listener. If you need to talk to someone he is the perfect one to talk to. He is very kind and his sense of humor can always cheer you up. He also tells you how it is. I remember once during the aforementioned summer I was having a hard time with TMJ. Sometimes it was really painful and I complained. Since we spent so much time that summer I'm sure he had enough of my whining. So one day I was having a pity party and he told me to just buck up and be happy. He was right. Being in a bad mood about it wasn't helping. I respected him for saying that and it really helped my mood.
My brother is also silly. We had so much fun at college, us three little ones, being silly and goofy. We were never bored. One more thing about this guy is that he can dance. When we were in youth many of the leaders were impressed with him because he was the only guy out there busting a move. Us three little ones would just dance our little hearts out having a blast. I miss those days. I just don't move like that anymore. As an adult when I would chaperone dances for the youth many of the leaders I had back then were also in attendance. They'd come up and talk about my brother and how they needed more young men like him. They would talk about what a great dancer he was. I would think, hey, I was out there too. But it was true, he was a great example that a young man can be cool and dance at the same time. Just watch Footloose.
We also sang together a few times. I always liked those moments too. I remember once we performed a duet at church for R.S. or something. I was so nervous but he held us together. We also sang in a group for solo and ensemble and us three little ones sang together at church a couple times. He has a good voice.
So you see this is one awesome guy. Hopefully someday when he's out of the army he'll settle somewhere close to me so we can see each other now and then. For now I pray for his safe return and that he will be protected on a daily basis.