Monday, February 23, 2009

Name Game

Mom wants to play the name game, so if you want to play make a list of names you think I should or might name the baby. Right now we're expecting a girl but if you want to make suggestions for boys as well that would be great. That way if it turns out to be a boy I'd have a nice little list to turn to.


Ruthykins said...

i've always loved flowery names. lily, rose, daisy, violet, snapdragon...

okeydokeyifine said...

I like old fashion names. Grandma's name was Ida. Now I don't favor that one so much. Mother's name was Velma. That one doesn't trip my trigger either. My sisters Louise and Glenda are not names I would name them either.

Some that I do like are the ones already used.

So I will get out the baby book and look up some names and their meanings and get back to you.

EmmaP said...

I think anything with Rose as the middle name would be sweet!

Addison Rose (Addy, for short)
Annika Rose
Ashlyn Rose
Bella Rose
Brinley Rose
Cortlyn Rose
Emma Rose [NOT!!! I threw that on in to throw you off - hahaha)
Eva Rose
Gabriella Rose
Greta Rose
Gracie Rose
Hailey Rose
Hanalee Rose
Harley Rose
Isabella Rose
Janna Rose
Jannalee Rose
Jaycie Rose
Jaynie Rose
Jenna Rose
Jillian Rose
Katarina Rose
Keilani Rose
Kennedy Rose
Laina Rose
Leena Rose
Magdelena Rose (Magdelena is a HUGE family name in our geneaology (dad's side). There are probably 8 or so Magdelenas. Some spelled Magdalena, but most Magdelena. And Maggie or Lena would be a cute nick-name,)
McKinnley Rose, Kinnley for short
Olivia Rose, Livvy for short
Payton Rose
Paxton Rose
Sadie Rose
Yves Rose

that's all i can think of off the top of my head...

Puphigirl said...

I like Veronica and Vanessa. I also like Sabrina, Madison, Samantha, Jenna, Becca and Bess.

greenolive said...

As far as the middle name goes, it will most likely be either be Rose for me or Dare for Tony's mom. We can't decide who's turn it is.

okeydokeyifine said...

Adelaide- beaitiful princess
Abigail or Abigayle- joyous
Adela or Adele- noble cheer
Aileen-fair or light
Bonny or Bonnie- sweet or fair
Bridget- strength
Blythe-joyous or glad
Catherine or Katherine-pure
Clover-like a blossom
Fritzi- peaceful ruler
Libby- oath of God
Maureen- exalted
Rosalie- rose
Paige- Helpful or Pride of ancestry

That is my list

greenolive said...

So far the suggestions I really like are; Lily, Addison, Maggie, Olivia, Madison, Adina, and Blythe. I've actually already considered a couple of these before you mentioned them, weird huh?

mrbusdr said...

I suggest Lydia Lorene

greenolive said...

Well, I've always loved the name Lydia Rose, but Lydia Lorene is great too.