Sunday, April 26, 2009

Baseball Opening Day

We made it through opening day. Here are some photos of the game and the boys. It all started with a parade. Tony had the van that morning and somehow managed to be late. I called Ellen and she came and
took us to the parade.

We were about four minutes late so we had to catch up with the boys' team. I had to carry Brandis because I did not have a stroller. We were walking really fast and passing some of the other teams when a women stopped us and said she wanted us to take her stroller and she'd meet us at the end. I was really grateful because the parade was a mile long and Brandis was already getting heavy. So we put him in and started off again. I guess the woman was going for do-gooder of the year because she came back and said she would take my players up to their team so I wouldn't have to walk so fast. Her and the boys started running. I saw about 100 yards away she picked up Dougan and put him on her back and then they kept running.
Brandis and I kept trying to catch up with them but it was hard to navigate around people. We ended up never catching up to them. I did see that they were at the very beginning of the parade though, of course. Tony made it home in time to catch the end of the parade and we went and gathered the boys. We found the kind lady and she said she felt so bad me because I was pregnant. She also said she didn't realize how out of shape she was. She was awesome though. She took three boys from the very end of a parade to the front. They got to sit with their team and have fun sitting on the float, which they wouldn't have been able to do if I had to do it. So, she was truly an angel.
We went to the opening ceremony where the boys sat with their team and we heard some great speeches. Then we went home and relaxed until their first game. We went back to the park and had some hot dogs and port-a-pit chicken for lunch. Then their game got delayed an hour so we played at the park for awhile. Then they went and warmed up with their team. They have one coach and an assistant coach. The coach is a police officer and I think he sometimes gets a little stressed out with these little ones who don't acknowledge his authority as much. But he keeps trying and I'm always impressed
that he remains patient. The assistant coach is so good with Dougan. He is always giving him high five and encouragement when needed. Dougan really likes him. So it was fun to see the coach stressed about the first game and all the kids just running around with excitement instead of warming up.
Finally it was time for the game to begin. Koen played second like he usually does in practice. Eades and Dougan played in the field but they have them up so close because nobody can hit it that far yet. So all the players end up being infielders. Dougan stood by coach Dave. (the asst.) which made me feel more comfortable. Then it was our team's turn to bat. Dougan decided he did not want to bat. The coach dragged him up to the plate but he could not get Dougan to bat so I had to walk up and get him. Everybody cheered for him anyway. The other two batted and did great.
Dougan came and sat by Tony and I. When it was time to go back out to the field he did not want to go. Coach Dave told him if he changed his mind to come out by him. Now Dougan is the youngest on the team. He just turned four last week, so he barely made the cut-off. I think that's what all this shyness is about. After some encouragement Tony and I got Dougan to go out and stand by Coach Dave on the field. When is came time to bat Dougan went out on his own but he was walking really slow so the coach came and got him and took him to the plate. The crowd was going wild. They were all cheering. Dougan hit the ball and ran to first. I was so proud. He even tried to round to second but somebody was already there. It was great. He eventually made it home and the crowd cheered again.
Right when it was Koen's turn to bat they had to call the game because we saw some lightning. He was a little sad but he knows it was just the first game. It was such a great day and they had so much fun. I think this is something that all three of them really needed. It helps Koen with his self-esteem, it helps Eades focus on something, and it helps Dougan grow up and become more independent. It's also fun for me to do something out in the community and meet new people. So yay for baseball and yay for my boys for doing their best.


EmmaP said...

this post made me cry like a big fat baby. yay for "angels in the outfeild!" miss you - glad you all had a fun day! (I will work on forgiving tony for being late! ;) j/k)

okeydokeyifine said...

Yay for the ball players. Yay for the Lady (angel in human clothing)
Yay for the Mommy that takes them to these fun things. Yay for the coaches. Yay for the blessings we receive in all of our doings.

greenolive said...

I'll admit I got emotional when I saw the lady put Dougan on her back. I had to try hard to fight back the tears because after all I was out parading infront of a ton of people.

Ruthykins said...

i cried too. i made it all sunday without crying, and then i come home and read this.

Puphigirl said...

Yay! for team sports. Cooper is in soccer, and while he's not the best, most involved or attentive, he gets exercise, and to socialize with his friends.