Thursday, April 16, 2009

Hot Spots

My hot spots are growing. I started out with a cluttered desk. Then a toy corner in the living room. Because I don't have a coat rack, my rocking chair became a heap of coats and jackets. My shoe pile has somehow doubled. All the newspapers were piling up. It was just so easy for me to throw things in their respective pile instead of sorting what needed to stay and what could be thrown out. This week my project has been to get rid of hot spots. I think it might take me weeks to get rid of them permanently. All I know is I want my house less cluttered. I mean, if I have company coming I transfer all the shoes, coats, and toys up stairs or something but they always find their way back. I love those magazines that help reduce clutter. They have these shelving units and storage ideas, but it's too expensive for me to just do it all at once. So for now I'll just try to tackle them one at I time until I get rid of them for good.


EmmaP said...

i use bins - like the big round laundry one for shoes by the doors. i also use a large one for toys. i liked having a basket by the stairs in our last place where I could throw things to take up the next time I went up. i stopped getting the paper, as i couldn't keep up with it, and figured i can look online. look at garage sales or thrift stores for bins or large baskets.

okeydokeyifine said...

yea, cancel the newspaper. We can get news online and such. By the way, if anything is of interest I usually hear about it from someone.

Good Luck with the clutter, it is a never ending battle

Puphigirl said...

If I get the newspaper it is the Sunday paper, and I get that only for the coupons.

You can get your news from tv. radio and internet.