Saturday, May 9, 2009

Lunchmeat or not?

I love a good lunchmeat sandwich. My first year at college I had two cravings for when I got home. One of course was green olives which Dad had waiting for me when I walked through the door, and the other was a bologna sandwich. I lived in the non-cooking dorms, so I didn't have a fridge to house Miracle Whip, lunchmeat, lettuce or cheese. Plus I just never went grocery shopping because I didn't have a car and I ate in the cafeteria. So anyway, all this is just to demonstrate how much I love lunchmeat sandwiches. I never knew how much I liked them until I couldn't just walk into the kitchen and make myself one.
So when I was pregnant with I think my second child I was informed by the doctor's office not to eat lunchmeat sandwiches. I couldn't believe it. It was really really hard. I did it though. Throughout all pregnancies since I've steered clear of the lunchmeat. I can still have a BLT which is close, and I can heat meat to steaming and eat it hot, but it just isn't the same. I have a friend who always seems to be pregnant the same time I am and she does eat lunchmeat. She thinks I'm crazy for following this rule. Last night we talked about it again. She says she doesn't care about the stupid rule.
I started feeling like maybe I'm a chump and lunchmeat really is okay. SO I googled it. The results were that I shouldn't eat lunchmeat while pregnant. Darn. It did say that many pregnant women do with absolutely no effects. The only thing is that the side effects could be preterm labor or stillbirth. These are huge side effects. I just can't justify eating a sandwich and taking that big of a risk. I told my friend I would look it up and tell her how bad it is, but I really don't think she'll care. I guess if you're willing to suffer the consequences whether great or small, than get on with your tasty lunchmeat sandwiches. As for me, I'm too scared to take the risk.


Ruthykins said...

yeah, i was told by the wic people not to eat lunchmeat. sometimes i would forget and eat it. same with seafood. i don't think i ate sushi, but i might've.

ann said...

Good for you!! I wouldn't eat it!
You made the better choice!

Puphigirl said...

I know that lunchmeat is full of Nitrates and not good for the baby.

EmmaP said...

i never remember any dr. telling me not to eat lunchmeat when i was pregnant. so is this the same with "deli-meats"? y'know... is have deli-sliced ham ok, but "oscar mayer chopped ham" not? something to consider. I think i ate turkey sandwiches and stuff... again - i dont ever remember hearing it.

greenolive said...

I'm pretty sure I didn't hear it with Koen, so it must have come out in more recent years. They say all lunchmeat, turkey, deli sliced, all of it. It just said that pregnant women are at 20% higher risk of getting sick from whatever it's called. I think it's Listeria or something like that.

Marie said...

I had the same dilema with my pregnancies too! My doctor actually said deli sliced meats had a higher chance of having listeria because of where they are sliced and how they are handled. I always steered clear of them because I didn't want the guilt of knowing I caused my baby to get sick or die. There was a horrible article in the Reader's Digest about a lady whose baby died from listeria. Her doctor had never told her about lunch meats and their potential risks.

Just a few more days and you can order up the Quiznos, Subways, Jimmy John's, Slotzchkys can't spell that one, and homemade deli sandwiches. It will all be worth the wait!

Speaking of deli meat. I was at a baby shower recently where I started making myself a deli sandwich until I got a whiff of the meat. I ended up putting all the ingredients back (gross as it is) because I didn't want to be puking my guts out that night. Gross!