Tuesday, March 31, 2009

And So it Continues

Sunday night Brandis was great and was over whatever was in his system. Sunday night I was awoken to Dougan's diarrhea. We woke up a couple of times to take care of that and continued on with it yesterday until last night when he seemed to be back to normal. I was so glad that it never got to the puking stage. I had him in pull-ups yesterday to help out and today he's back in underwear so I was pretty happy. Then the school called. Koen has chicken pox. What? Chicken pox? Do kids actually still get that? He already had all of his immunizations and I know chicken pox was included. I brought him home and they look like chicken pox, not like and allergic reaction as I had hoped. Apparently a kid in his class had them and some other kids in the school. I'm waiting for Tony to come home with some Benedryl and other supplies, since my house is not equipped for chicken pox. I hope he doesn't have a late day today. I'm wondering if the other kids will get it now. I mean they've all had the shots but Koen still managed to somehow get it. I also hate keeping him home from school. He has already missed so much school already this year. Mostly because of when Dougan was in the hospital but also because of the high acid content in his stomach and his being prone to puking, along with the flu all the kids got back in December. Luckily he isn't behind in his school work, but I'm sure they have a limit to how many days a kid can miss. Do they have summer school for first graders?


Ruthykins said...

if koen got chicken pox from some kid at school then the school obviously lets kids go to school with chicken pox. that's stupid that he can't go.

okeydokeyifine said...

Perhaps the rest will get them. Hopefully not a bad case though. Oatmeal baths are helpful to take the itch away. Just put some oatmeal in the bath of warm water. Let them soak in it a while.

the trouble is when kids come back to school too soon. Ask the school nurse when it is time to return to school.

Hope he feels better

Puphigirl said...

calamine lotion my help the itch too. As far as school goes, I think if they miss 5 days they should have a doctor's note. I think they look at truancy court if he's missed 10 days. But it may differ from state to state, school district to school district.