Saturday, January 9, 2010

Picky Girl

I don't think I'm a picky person. I usually know what I would like and I don't mind waiting to get it. Sometimes I just don't know what I want so I'll wait until I figure it out instead of making a rash decision and being disappointed later. So the other day I was with my friend Christy. She wanted me to get a winter coat. I knew which one I wanted because I found it online. I didn't buy it when I found it because I wanted to think about it some more. I told her it was at Burlington Coat factory. One day while we were visiting she said, my girls are watching your kids and we're going to get you that coat. So we went to the store. They did not have my coat. So I did not want to get one. She said we were not leaving until I bought a coat. So I started looking at the ski type coats because the one I really want is a wool walking coat. It's a beautiful coat but not good for snow play with the kids. My friend said I could not get a ski coat because they are too hard to clean. She said I had to either get a leather coat or a wool coat. I didn't want to get a wool coat because I knew I would eventually get the one I wanted. I didn't want a leather one because I think I look weird in them. She would not drop it so I went to find a leather coat.
I hated all the leather coats plus they were like $50 and I didn't want to waste $50 on a coat that I knew I would only wear while I was visiting her. So I kept saying that I wanted a ski coat. So we walked and searched and dug through coats aimlessly. Finally she told me that I was too picky and I obviously didn't have 5 daughters. If I did then I would just say, "If it fits, get it". I couldn't believe it. I didn't think I was being picky. I thought I was trying not to waste money. So finally I found a white ski coat that I didn't hate. I didn't really love it, but I didn't hate it. So I decided to buy it, even though she was really against it. Before we got to check out her daughter called. Christy talked to her privately and then said that her daughter had a coat that I could have. Yippee! I put the coat back and didn't buy anything. I didn't really care what the coat looked like, because it was free.
So now I'm all concerned that I'm picky. I remembered when I went to buy paint. I was there for a long time trying to figure out what I wanted. Once I found what I thought I liked the sales person told me I didn't really want what I picked out. So she tried to get me to change my mind. I got frustrated and left. I went somewhere else and bought the paint. I don't really think I am picky. I think I just don't want to be wrong and waste money. I do know that before I buy anything I think about it for a long time. If I want to buy a pair of shoes I look at it for about one month before I purchase it. I think it's good that way because I only bought two pairs of shoes for myself in the last few years. It's because I ended up with what I really wanted. I once found a skirt I liked online and I went to the store to try it on. Then I thought about it. I finally bought it. Then I needed one of a different color. I went online and bought the exact same one in a different color because I knew I'd like it.
I consider myself a wise shopper. I don't want to spend money on something that I'm not 100% on. Is taking a long time to decide what you really want being picky? It's not like I only want the best or the most expensive. I just want something that's me that I won't hate every time I wear it. Do you think I'm a picky girl in denial???


Puphigirl said...

If you know what you want, then you shouldn't have to settle for something else.

I think someone who is picky ONLY gets certain types of things and nothing else will do.

I am picky about certain things. I like certain brands of food. But there are other foods that I don't care if it is name brand or store brand.

I too will see something (clothing) that I like. I will wait a few months before I purchase it. I don't want it to be an impulse buy or waste money on something I don't really need or want. If I still want it after a few months, and have the money for it then I will buy it.

Ruthykins said...

i think i'm pretty picky. i don't really like it when other people buy me clothes. they usually don't get something i like. however, my mother in law seems to know what i like, so she's gotten me a few things that i do like. some that i never would have looked twice at, but now i love, like a sweater. i don't wear sweaters, but this one is great!

greenolive said...

If I get something for free I will usually keep it and wear it even if I don't particularly like it. That's what most of my wardrobe is.

okeydokeyifine said...

There is nothing wrong with being a wise shopper. What is wrong is being talked into or out of things. Let the salesperson, or friend, or even family member know that you have decided on what you want, good, bad, or indifferent.

Everyone has different tastes.

EmmaP said...

shopping is like relationships. Have you ever heard of the five love languages??? OH.MY.GOSH! This is gonna be a comment-turned-blog-post. **sigh** gotta go!
oh... no - not "picky". "selective" but not "picky". There is a difference!!! I am not picky with food. But if I am going to go to a restaurant and spend **MY** money, I want quality food. I a **selective**. however if someone else is paying, i'll eat pretty much anywhere they want. :)

kissypoohporter said...

i'm a firm believer in not buying unless you love something...every item of clothing i've bought that i didn't entirely love, but was talked into...i NEVER wear...but it sits in my closet b/c i feel guilty if i were to give it away b/c i spent my HARD earned money on it!

i don't think you're picky at all...i think you're brilliant! if all of us just spent money on things that we didn't really want or need we would live in a crappy economy with millions of people in huge debt....oh wait...we do live in that world!

good for you for not just getting something to get it! i applaud you my friend!

greenolive said...

Hey, I started a new blog. There's a link on this blog to get to it. It's just a little funny thing if you're interested.