Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Time on my Hands

Dougan got on the bus for the first time today. After I shut the door I turned to see Brandis just standing there looking so singular. I got out one bowl and one spoon for him to eat breakfast. Taygan is sleeping so its just him and I. I'm realizing as I'm watching him eat that I won't have to mediate for a few hours until Dougan gets home. What will I do with all this extra time and quiet. I already finished my two knitting projects yesterday. Perhaps I should start painting the house. Maybe I can start practicing guitar again. I don't know, I guess I can do whatever I want. I am happy that when I go to the store today I'll only have Brandis and Taygan.
Dougan was so excited for school this morning he didn't mind that I woke him up in the wee hours of the morning to give him a bath because I waited too close to bedtime last night to give baths. No he didn't mind at all. In case you didn't notice I am turning this post into a Dougan's first official day of school post. Him and his brothers all got to wear a brand new pair of spiderman underwear that their grandma gave them. That's a big deal because I buy only plain white to save money. That reminds me of a funny story.
When my boys were first potty training I bought characterized underwear as an incentive. Then suddenly I changed to plain white. My boys were disappointed to say the least. I told them that their artist aunt Rachel could draw them anything they wanted on their underwear. Koen asked if he could have a butt drawn on his. Aunt Rachel said she sure could do that. We ended up not getting customized underwear and just stuck with the plain white but it sure was funny. I couldn't imagine what a teacher would have thought at bathroom time at school seeing a kid with a butt crack drawn on his underwear.
Wow this post keeps changing. Maybe I'm just so crazy because of the house being so different. Anyway. One more change of thought. I get to plan another Amish Dinner for next month. I love organizing these but this will be my shortest notice of one. I had to plan one for October but every weekend has stuff. I found that the 10th is the only night my church isn't doing something. They will be finishing up a camp-out from the night before but that night is open. I'm a little stressed about that. I designed the invite last night but now I have to buy photo paper and envelopes and print them all off and send them all off. I have less than a month!!!! I usually have everything out a month ahead of time. That way I have three weeks to find out who's going and one week to gather money. Oh well it will just have to work. Project runway right? Make It Work.


Puphigirl said...

You are organizing the dinner for the ward or is this a personal dinner?

greenolive said...

it's for my ward, Tony's work, and some friends of those people who always come to these.

greenolive said...

I've done a personal dinner with just our family and another family before. It was great. Then we sat and talked to Aunt Lorene and Uncle Leo for over an hour. Our friends had a great time. Uncle Leo also sells his rugs, Aunt Lorene sells quilts, and then Sammy's Regina has bread there to buy by the loaf. They seem to like doing dinners for our groups because people are usually generous with tips and they buy some of the other things. I like hosting them because I love the food. Aunt Lorene usually sends us home with some leftovers. Yummy!

Ruthykins said...

i wish i could come. i love those dinners. also, how much are leo's rugs? are they the rag rugs? i might be intersted.

EmmaP said...

ok.. i am soooooo excited for the ice cream supper..yay!